Daddy Workin?

Matthew goes out each day for some time to do some of his work in the garden and fields. Hannah looks out the window when she realizes daddy is gone and asks, “Daddy workin?”

Working another piece of our land.

This is our garden just weeks ago. You should see it now! It’s huge… we even have corn stalks that were planted a wee bit late that are taller than our chests! I’ll post some pictures very soon.

Here’s our snow peas. We can’t keep up with picking them each day. Bear in mind, this was a few weeks ago. They are much taller now and bearing plenty of peas. We pick about 4 lbs a day. We have heard that you just cannot freeze or can these because the quality goes way down. Well, I tried to freeze and then steam them with lunch yesterday and sure enough the quality went from a 10 to about a 2. So, we’re giving plenty away, the girls are eating them like crazy and we just keep a pickin’!

Up close – Aren’t they just beautiful? I will take some new pictures this week. They now have flowers and tons of snap peas hanging from them. They are just so pretty to me.

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