Labor Day – Giving Thanks to God

Many of us here used to work outside the home. Here we can give thanks that our work is inside the home now and pray for those who want to come home.

Thank You Lord that my work is productive now inside the home and that You have changed my heart to seek after heavenly things. I thank You that when I did have to work that You gave me hope and a place in my heart that it would only be for a season… Let me pray for the women who work outside the home that I do not judge but pray that You will instill a place in their hearts to want to come home even at sacrifice of giving up the greater things of the world for the greater things of Christ. Let those who work outside the home be a testimony through you Lord. And though they be separate You put them together with their own kind. Let me be more thankful that I am home than when I first came home in 2005. I am forgetful and take much for granted Lord. I forget how easy it was not to complain as I knew I could have been at work that day. I pray for our brothers and sisters who labor outside the home that they be good stewards and diligent and upright in the midst of a corrupt and vile people Lord. Help them Lord. Let us pray for them. Many are weary and need strength. Let us pray Lord…

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