Pickin Plums

We have the most delicious plums on our property. I believe they may be Italian plums.
They are only around for a couple of weeks or so, so we got to pickin!

Matthew and the girls picking plums.
Look at how excited little Hannah looks! She got to pick plums on her birthday!
I wish I had birthdays like this as a child!

We filled this box pretty good. And you’ll find out later what we made with it!

I love, love, love this picture of Hannah. She’s looking up in awe at the plums on the tree.

Yummy! Psssst… don’t tell anybody. They ate too many plums.
It had it’s lets say, laxative effect on all of them.

Pretty eyes

Here’s our plum jam. Matthew canned the plums into a jam. It is one of the most delicious jams we have ever tasted. A friend of mine in Maine suggested marinating chicken in it. Ooh, that’s sounds yummy. I would love to try this on homemade pancakes or english muffins.

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