Hannah’s 2nd Birthday

Hannah just turned two on August 23rd. She is the best, little, sweetie! We can’t imagine life without her now. She’s full of life, joy and energy and loves to cuddle and please. We adore you little Hannah. We’re so happy God put you in this family with us. We look forward to the years ahead with you.

Here she is chowing on her birthday cake.

Oh, almost gone!!!

I have never used real vanilla before. We received this from Matthew’s brother Mark last Christmas. It has been calling me to use it. So, I decided to make a “real” homemade cake with “real” vanilla, butter and all that good stuff.

Scraping the yummy vanilla out of the pod. It reminds me of the stuff that comes out of a pipe when a man cleans out his pipe. Gooey, moist and full of fragrance. It smelled sooooo good!

Here’s the vanilla bean in the frosting. It’s in the vanilla cake too. Pretty, little flecks of vanilla.

The finished product. I had to cook it in a pie dish as I am in need of a cake pan. It was heavenly. I put little, colorful sprinkles on the kid’s cake. They ate it all gone! I will make this again. Nothing like making cake from scratch. I can’t go back to the box after this one. Happy birthday Hannah. You bring joy to our lives. We can’t say enough about you.

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