Baby Chicks Going to Kansas

We are so happy to be able to send some of our baby chicks to a wonderful family in Kansas. They just bought a home with 40 acres and we were led by the Lord to send them some baby chicks. We have them incubating now and they will be heading to their new home in 20 days or so. So keep posted to find out how good the fertilization is in a week when my husband candles them to when they are boxed up to send away to Kansas.

Here are some of our laying hens. The white “stuff” you see on the ground are oyster shells. They provide calcium for the chickens for their eggs.

Some of the hens relaxing on the grassy side of the pen .

Here’s our main performing rooster.
Here he is with one of the Easter Eggers that lays the green eggs.

Here’s the eggs! Let’s pray that they get an excellent hatch! This is our first hatch with this rooster as well as with some of the new roosters.

The incubator.
This is a $200 model (Hubavator), my husband is so pleased with.
It does everything for you including turns the eggs.

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