Jim the Bee Man

Here is Jim, our friend and local bee man showing my husband a little device of his. He came by to check our hive to see if the little critters are truly robbers. Robbers confirmed. Okay, onto his nifty little device.

Here Jim set up his little device in place of where the hive was. He has a sugar water solution in the bottom of the box. The bees started coming around and he was able to put a spot of paint on one of the bees to track how far the BIG hive is – to check their distance. He put a silver spot on a bee and then wrote down the time. Ten minutes later the bee returned back to this box. He is estimating by distance that the bees are most likely coming from one of his hive about a half a mile away. Pretty neat, huh???

Here’s some bees. Click on the picture to see the bee on the left in mid flight!

One of Jim’s trays from a hive in his truck. Just look at the pretty honeycomb and honey oozing out of the cells. My husband can’t wait to get something like this himself one day. Jim has over 30 hives here in the area. The bees were all over his truck instead of the box as they could smell the honey in his truck.

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