Our Beehive is Alive!

Update: It turns out our bees are “robbers”, meaning they rob the leftover honey from the hive. Jim shared with us last night that it’s a bit late for bees to be looking for or starting a hive. So, I think I’ll pass on the photos until next year when we may get a “real” active hive going.

Our friend Jim who has over 30 beehives in the area dropped off a hive for us to start. After some time, Matthew took a good look at it and it had a type of moth in it so it was no good. Matthew then brought it up to the house and had it sitting in our front yard. Well, I just got back home from getting a few groceries and lo and behold our beehive is ALIVE! Bees (scouting bees as my husband informed me) are scouting the hive right now. To me it looks like a swarm already but he shared that the swarm will come – I won’t miss it. So, for now we will keep the kids inside (it’s not nice out anyways) and when they take over the hive my husband will have to cover the hole and walk it down to the pasture again – away from our home. : ) I will take some pictures of the little scouters today (er, maybe I’ll have my husband take pictures). I’ll post in the next few days. Bzzzzzzzzz

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