Farm Pictures

I decided to continue putting our farm pictures on this blog because it is such a part of our lives now. So, I may do away with the farm blog since all the pictures are on here anyways. About 6 weeks ago or so we got some Peking ducks. They reside up here with us near the home. We have pictures of our 14 turkeys and I’ll have to see what else I can dig up!

Here’s our White Broad Breasted turkeys. They are the commercial ones you buy in the store under “Butterball” or “Norbest”. The hens grow to 25+ lbs and the toms to 45+ lbs. Of course we will butcher them before getting too big for the freezer. We are already sold out of these too! They will be going to their homes in freezer bags come around September. We’re going to keep about 4-5 in our freezer. Homegrown turkey is just the best. So juicy and it makes the BEST gravy!

Here is some of the pasture land where the turkeys reside.

And here is the part of the barn they sleep in at night. Matthew is cleaning it out here.
Lots of room for 14 turkeys.

Onto our baby chicks in the hatchery up the hill from the barn.
Matthew is preparing feed for the hungry little scavengers.

Here they are… not too little. They are getting ready to be placed down at the barn here.

Here’s our three ducks! They sure have made a great addition to the family.
The kids enjoy feeding them bread out the back slider door each day.

Quack! Quack! Quack!

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