Elisabeth’s Three Years Old

I can’t believe Elisabeth is three years old already. How quick the time has gone by.

Here she is playing with some playdough with her balloon at her side.
She’s wearing a skirt I made for her for our trip to San Diego.

Running with her balloon, having fun. She’s so pretty! Hannah, you took your shirt off again! I remember Elisabeth doing this for most of last year. We play on again off again…
Playing with their balloons. Of course little Matthew wants to play!

Hannah with her daddy and her balloon.

There she is again big three year old!

Well hi there little guy! Do you have your sister’s balloon?
Yes he did and he got it all twisted up around his little wrist.
Having fun at the kitchen table.

Getting tired and in the other room reading books.

Okay, now mommy is making some carrot cake – a recipe she got from a friend on Momys!
Yum! And look at who’s watching me. I think he deserves a taste too! You little helper you!
Just double the cream cheese frosting on it though!

Elisabeth gobbled hers all up. This is mine after a few bites. Delicious!

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