Morning Sickness Has it’s Advantages

As I’ve shared on an earlier post, we have a weekly arrangement where we drop off 2 dozen eggs to the owners of Brady’s Oysters and they give us a pint of oysters. Well, about a month ago I was feeling very sick (I think it’s a boy again – yeah!). The last thing I wanted to smell the aroma of was oysters. So, Matthew started up a tab for the oysters with the people at Brady’s. He went in last week and the lady shared, “You know you can get anything here”. He was delighted as he was 3 weeks backed up on us not having oysters and got the Spotted Prawns for $20 a pound. We got just over a pound and boy were they delicious. We may pick up the red salmon in a week and some halibut soon thereafter – Oh, I want some halibut. It’s my favorite! What a wonderful setup we have with these nice folks. God is good.

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