A Gift from a Fellow Momy’s

I love the Momy’s site (momys.com). Momys stands for Mothers of Many Young Siblings. Many women correspond on the site that have similar values… many believe in the Lord, many believe in enduring the hardships and supporting one another through bearing children and having as many children as the Lord intends. I’ve seen women rejoice in birth and share their sorrows in death of their children from 4 weeks pregnant to 12 year olds dying tragically as well as some dying right now. But, many women on this site still have time to have fun and enjoy the lighter side of life. In the craft section of Momys, many women decided to have a drawing for a free gift to share their gifts in the crafts area. I signed up for a few drawings and was surprised to find I had won a homemade skirt for my daughter. I was delighted! This lady took the time out of her day to make a skirt for my little Elisabeth. She has a 3 year old too so her daughter got to model it first (I got a preview). Well, today the little skirt arrived and it is prettier than the pictures. It is full, long and pretty. I love it! And Elisabeth loves it even more. Here are some pictures I took of Elisabeth in the little blessing we received. Thank you Heather! You are so kind.

Full shot of the pretty skirt. Isn’t it adorable???
All smiles… Look at my pretty skirt mommy. Hannah likes the fullness of it.

Tippie toe view – (I mean backside view).

Another pretty shot

I love how it drapes. It is so pretty! So what do ya all think Momys? Did she do well or what? Did we get a blessing today or what? Thank you again!!! Now I have a skirt I will have to try to duplicate. : )

3 thoughts on “A Gift from a Fellow Momy’s

  1. That looks so cute on your daughter! I am so gald you got it. Let me know how easy or hard it is to duplicate. I am trying to get my brain around it, I am not very sewing savy. :O)Thanks for sharing the pics!

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