Our Farm

We now have a blog for our farm and a business too! The Geraci Family Homestead is now a little farm/agriculture business as of last week. We should be receiving our business license this week. We are going to be getting our little establishment insured so we had a woman come out from a local insurance company to look at the grounds, barn and home here. She asked us if we’d be interested in an incubator. Well sure! We had no idea it is an old Mongomery Wards one from about the 1960’s in perfect condition that will hatch about 300 eggs. Made of red hardwood with several trays, a fan and temperature gauge. We just hatched about 30 chicks last week in our regular incubator and sold out. This will sure help with the feed with our hungry chickens.

Back to the blog. Just click on “Our Farm” near the top of this blog to see what is happening with our farm life. Matthew will be maintaining that blog. He just sold his bluebird aerator and now we will be purchasing a rototiller to plant corn and make a little garden for me. I can’t wait. This is going to be a fun Summer and then we have another baby to look forward to again (smile).

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