Sewing My Clothes…

Here is a dress I made last month. I love it because I got to pick out the fabric and it was less than $6.00! I took my old, black (I can’t stand to wear black anymore) maternity dress and cut my fabric according to the shape of it. I didn’t even have a pattern. I do this a lot! The top part of the dress I bought for $1 a yard. The bottom part I bought for $2.99 a yard. I have a skirt on of the same fabric as the top that I wear underneath my dress when it is cold out. It is very practical to do it this way. I think I will do this with all of my dresses and the girls. I think all that’s missing is a pretty pocket that I’ll have to make once I’m feeling decent. I love to sew and love to make things to my specifications. And the best part… I just started to sew last May. I have several dresses, aprons I am making to sell (they are to die for), beautiful pillowcases (one out of my pretty dress fabric) and lots more. I will have to start taking and posting more pictures here.

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