Still Catching Up

Here are some more pictures taken several weeks ago. I’m still catching up on posting pictures. I should be caught up with a few more posts or so.

Little Matthew is so precious. I love sleeping babies.

Mommy and Matthew. Something happened to me about a month ago. I was feeding little Matthew and had the strongest feeling of being like a grandma. There was nothing more important to me than feeding my baby and sitting in my chair cuddling him. I know it sounds silly as I’m only 38 years old but it was a feeling that really struck me in my heart. It felt so good and felt really special. I believe it was from the Lord and I am open and looking forward to the Lord bringing me into an older age and maturity in some areas. Some people fight aging, I look forward to it and see it as a beautiful thing.

Our three pups!!!

Elisabeth holding Matthew. Isn’t this precious?

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