A Turkey Dinner – by Matthew


First a trip down to the barn. This was a Blue Slate turkey and his weight was about twelve pounds. We slaughtered him because we slaughtered our two Broad Breasted hens and didn’t want to leave him alone.

In front of the barn and ready to go up the drive way. Take note of the chain saw helmet, turkeys can really beat you with their wings and I mean beat you.

To spare the details of the picture, one turkey, one man, one axe, and one axe.

Plucking a turkey only takes about ten to fifteen minutes for a beginner like me, the important thing is to have the water at about 145 degrees. The cone in the back ground is for bleeding and we let our turkeys bleed for about two to three minutes. The bucket is for dunking the turkey in and it is filled with the hot water, I dunked him about three times during the plucking. The box is for the; head, feathers, guts and anything else. I then throw the burn barrel and and all is taken care of but the cooking and eating.

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