New Pictures

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I lost some of our best newborn pictures of Matthew about a week ago in transferring some of our pictures to our computer upstairs. We will be buying an external hard drive next month so we can safely store our pictures and have more room on our old computer here. These are taken with our new camera.

Little Matthew resting on mommy.

Hannah on the rocking horse.

Elisabeth is being potty trained right now. She’s just shy of 2 1/2 years old. We’re starting a bit later than we wanted to as I was pregnant and not up to the task! It’s been very cold out so we have her in front of the fireplace with her bare bottom!

I love this picture of Matthew with daddy! Doesn’t he have the cutest little face?

Here the girls are playing outside with me in the snow the other day. It was really windy and cold! But, it was sure fun!

Playing with daddy in the snow!

Here we are playing “Rrrrrrah”. I chase them around and go, rrrrrah! This is one of the places they hide from me.

Me and my 3 little ones. I still can’t believe there’s 3 of them here already!

This picture looks a little bit like one of the pictures I lost. He’s such a sweetie!

We love this precious picture of Elisabeth and little Matthew. He sure does look like a boy in this picture. I think sometimes he looks like a little softie and other times his strong features come out. This is one of them.

This is Matthew’s favorite picture of us. He shared that is really shows my motherhood here. I was just feeling so happy to have him here in this picture. He did capture it well. I’ve always wanted a little boy and God gave me such a beautiful son. He has a soft, beautiful spirit about him and has the cutest little face a mother would ever want.

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