A Day in the Life of the Geraci’s

Due to a site I frequent where some wonderful women shared their lives in the course of a 24 hour day, I thought it would be fun to do this as well. So, here we are starting at 4:30 in the afternoon through about 4:30 the next day.
Here is Elisabeth playing in one of her favorite spots before dinner.
She likes to climb in and out of the playpen and watch me sew from here as well.

Here is Hannah playing under the kitchen table by daddy’s feet.
She gets more bumps and bruises here and sometimes gets stuck.
Because I’m pregnant, poor daddy has to retrieve her most of the time.
Elisabeth and Hannah helping mommy empty the dishwasher.
Here is our pantry. I’m raising bread on one of the top shelves
and we’re incubating eggs on the lower shelf. It’s a multi-purpose pantry.
Is that really me?
I’m not that big looking – really! I’m 37 weeks pregnant here but the apron is hiding my little boy in there. I’m making rosemary chicken with some fresh rosemary from our herb garden.
Here’s daddy vacuuming. He is a such a big help to me. He already does so much with helping around the house as he is retired. But, he really picks it up after I’m about 30 weeks pregnant and he’s got a lot to do outside with our animals, the barn, etc…
Daddy playing with the girls. He chases them around this corner every night.
Here’s my loaf of bread a rising!
Daddy on the Homesteading Today forum asking about chickens while the girls are
playing with pillows and blankets.
Time for dinner!
Daddy praying at the table. Hannah is just to my right – she’s with us!
Daddy playing with the girls while I clean the dinner dishes.
Here’s our kitchen all cleaned up!
And here’s our loaf of bread. It was yummy!
Elisabeth settling down before bed.

Hannah is tired and ready for bed. She got in trouble from daddy again. She kept going after the cord to the blinds that we have up high over the couch. She sneaks up the back of the couch and stands to get to it.

Daddy brushing Elisabeth’s teeth – or trying to! I give Hannah a bottle before bed each night while he takes care of Elisabeth… teeth and all.

Elisabeth tucked in her bed with her duck.

Mommy giving Hannah her bottle before bed – she is starting to want to get away from her bottle lately as she is on a cup most of the time. I believe this is the Lord’s doing as I’ll be nursing little Matthew here very soon.

The kids are down now – yeah! So, Matthew is transferring some things from one freezer to another. He bought a bigger freezer today to store some of the $10 barrel of bread we buy at a bread outlet place for our chickens. Cheap feed! And it’s nice to have the freezer to store all the fruit we have. We have tons of frozen blackberries from picking them all Summer. Bags of nectarines too.
Here I am having my bowl of cereal (healthy Sugar Puffs) with my husband after the kids go down. We do this each night. Whew! What a relief. It’s so nice to have it quiet.

Matthew reading the Bible while I read “Preparing Sons to Provide for a Single Income Family“.


Breakfast – I’m enjoying a piece of toast from the bread I made the night before and we were blessed with a huge amount of cranberries from a friend who owns a cranberry bog. So, I’m enjoying fresh cranberry juice as well.

Elisabeth helping Hannah finish her breakfast.

Daddy leading the chickens out to eat.
Elisabeth watching daddy feed the chickens.

Oh look what our neighbor’s cows did to our gate! But, our cow Betsy has torn down some of their fences, etc… So today as I’m writing this Matthew and our neighbor Mike are out helping each other repair “damages”.

Hannah and I are going to run off to Walmart and the health food store to buy some bread flour in bulk. I need to buy another bread pan so I can make some friends who are coming over today some fresh bread to take home.

Hannah and I are back and the girls are eating lunch while daddy is canning fresh cranberries. See our cooler on the table filled with fresh cranberries? I bought a good bread pan, some stackable cooling racks and some cute, yellow fabric for .99/yard. I think I will make some cheerful aprons to sell when we start selling our eggs this Spring. At the health food store I found some malt that I bought. I would love to try it in pizza crust. I think it will make a tasty crust.

Here’s some of our cranberries. He’s already used up a few gallons over the past couple of days. They really blessed us!

Here’s Matthew canning the cranberries. They are to die for!

The end to a really good day. My friends, Shirley and Jane came over and brought us a big bag of brand new, baby boy clothes. They are so sweet! We sent them home with some homemade bread, canned cranberries and some of our other canned goods. It is fun to bless one another!

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