We’re into Eggs!


Here is a picture of our first egg. We got it on July 21st and we are already up to 28 a week! We gave some away already but now have a customer as well. Usually by 2:30 or so there are 3 eggs down there already. Add another 1 or 2 by 8:00 that evening.

The hens are not broody…. meaning, you won’t find them laying on their eggs. We’ve seen them laying in their nest box many times but that is to lay an egg. So, it makes it easy on us to just go down, throw some bread out to them so they all come outside and go check for eggs. It’s fun, I wish I had grown up like this. I can’t wait for our children to gather eggs one day.

Now how do they look? How do they taste? The yolk is actually orange… how it’s supposed to look. Yellow is aged. Being able to peel an egg easily after hard boiling it means it’s a few weeks old because there is an air pocket in there from the membrane separating from the wall of the inner shell. So, it’s really hard to peel our eggs. We will start storing some so we can have some hard boiled eggs though. We’ve had 2 eggs so far that were double yolkers. The eggs are HUGE when they have 2 yolks in them. They would make a great rich bread like a challah.

How do they taste? Wonderful! They actually have a flavor to them. They are delicious! The white is actually pretty firm so a fried egg sandwich isn’t really flat as I am used to. They look so healthy too.

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