Killing, Bleeding, and Plucking

The first thing you want to do before you kill a turkey is to feed it only water for a day. The next is to go in to where you have the turkey, put a pair of thick leather gloves on and put some food in front of him. When he reaches for the food grab him by the legs from behind and pull him to the upside down position put him back to the ground put one knee on one of his wings (or it will smack the day lights out of you). Take the twine that you have at the ready and begin to wrap it around his legs tightly. Secure the turkey and hold him upside down as you carry him to the chopping block. He will be flapping his wings JUST HOLD ON!!! Get him to the chopping block and whack his head off with one good swing of the ax that you have leaned against the chopping block. Take notice I used a five pound double edged ax. By doing so you will eliminate the chances of a miss. I chop five cords of wood a year and can place an ax well into anything and when I chopped at the neck of the turkey he moved a bit, yet I still chopped the neck off ninety-five percent. If I was using a small ax, I may have missed or had to take one or two more swings.

The next thing that will happen is that the turkey will go nuts for about one minute. Just hold on to the legs and keep the neck about two inches away from the ground. This will help to keep the blood from getting all over you. When the turkey stops wiggling somewhat place it in the killing cone, go ahead and feel free to help him in there. He will bleed out for about three more minutes. Then dunk him in the bucket of water that you have prepared for him. (one-hundred and forty degrees works well) Turn on your your hot water and fill the tub two thirds the way up, put in about one two two gallons of boiling water to obtain the extra heat needed. Keep him in the tub for about one minute shushing him around so that the water gets to the skin in all the places it needs to get. Pull the turkey out of the bucket within one minute you don’t want to cook it you just want to get the feathers lose. Begin plucking, it is so easy the feathers just came out in about thirty minutes I was done. I dumped out the hot water from the tub and placed cold water in it with some ice packs. I removed the guts and wind-pipe by enlarging the rear off the bird with a vertical cut about four inches long. I stuck my hand in and removed the whole mess with one swipe of the hand. You will feel the guts and lungs which are close to the rib cage just place your hand between them and the rib cage and use your hand as a knife. I then placed a cardboard box next to the turkey and threw the head, guts and feet in it with the feathers and just threw the whole thing in the burn barrel and was done with it.

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