Sewing Projects

So far I have made several bibs – you can see Elisabeth wearing the bib. It is toddler size as it covers her down to her lap. I think they are much cuter than what you would buy in the store… one of my big motivations for sewing! They have a pretty, flannel print on the front with a chocolate brown backing I got for $1 a yard. It actually looks really nice! I’ve also made a navy blue, knit maternity skirt. It is so comfy and looks really nice too! Let’s see… a pretty pillow for Elisabeth out of the same ladybug, flannel material for the bibs. An apron for Elisabeth with the same ladybug material. I have yet to do a hemming on her dresses as I got too excited starting other projects. I will be finishing that this week though so she can start wearing them.

My sewing classes did not turn out so good. But I got one good thing out of it… a new sewing machine. The woman who was teaching me to sew had shared with me that they had used sewing machines in good shape and serviced. I thought I’d fare better with one from her than a cheapie one at the store. I trusted her. Well, after a short time I was having trouble stitching. It kept jamming in the bobbin below – all the thread. The stitches weren’t stitching, as well as other problems. I cleaned the machine, adjusted the tension and all I could do (I had read tons of books on sewing and machines from the library). But, none availed. I found the machine to be quite dirty and dusty while cleaning it (contrary to what she had told me). I called her one day and shared I couldn’t make it to class on Wednesday as the machine wasn’t working. She never offered to look at it or trade it in. So, I quit going to class as I don’t like to do business with someone who isn’t right and my husband bought me a new Kenmore at Sears. I absolutely love it and it even has a 1-step buttonhole maker. I haven’t had any problems sewing since!

So, now I am going to have to take more pictures of my completed projects, my new machine and start on some new projects. I think I’ll make a patchwork pin cushion. I can’t wait to get some experience down (I’m thinking a good 2 years) and then start buying some gorgeous fabrics so I can make quilts for our children as well as ourselves.

One thought on “Sewing Projects

  1. I was just "flipping" through your blog.. and I must say.. I love these bibs! I like to sew, but my machine is… I have no clue.. it's crazy.. so I need to get it fixed (something with the pedal). Great idea for a bib.. I usually have to put a folded towel in my baby's lap (which he sometimes yanks out) so he doesn't get his pants all dirty, so a longer bib is smart, smart! You should sell them!

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