Two Dresses Almost Made

DSC00005 DSC00007 DSC00004 DSC00012
I started sewing class last Wednesday. It went very well. The best part was the owner helped me finish a dress I started to make for Elisabeth last year. She spent 2 good hours with me as she had me do every stitch of sewing, apply the interfacing and even use a serger. On the yellow dress I just need to put a hem in the bottom of it and on Wednesday we will be putting in the button holes so I can put on the cute, red buttons.

I decided then that I didn’t want to forget all that I had learned and bought some cheap fabric at Walmart to make another dress. It’s almost to where the yellow one is now as I’ve worked on it some today. Here’s a picture of the pattern laid out.

I bought the used, cream colored Kenmore sewing machine from the owner for $50. I just don’t need anything fancy until I get a handle on sewing and maybe by then I will know what I want. But, I kept eyeing the beautiful, old, black, straight stitch sewing machine. Since she was only selling it for $35, I couldn’t resist! I want to make quilts some day. I’ve wanted to for years actually. So, this would be great for quilting. I think it’s just pretty to look at!

So, that’s my sewing for the week. I will have to post some pictures of Elisabeth in her new dresses once they are completely finished. I’d like to do a project a week. There’s some really cute pillowcase dresses and pillowcase skirts online. I might try my hand at that next.

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