Elisabeth’s Energy

This is what we get to wake up to every morning! Wow, who needs the coffee? She’s constantly on the go, exploring and testing things (and us) all day long. She can be a handfull sometimes. But, boy she is so smart. I’ve never seen a child so quick to pick up on things or words.

One thought on “Elisabeth’s Energy

  1. aww this is adorable..she reminds me soo much of you mom..so much energy…and so beautiful!i hope all is well!gosh she's sooo gorgeous!im soo jelous!of my own sister!she looks just like my gorgeous mother!i love you mom with all my heart..and i hope your day is well..and you have the most fantastic birthday of your life..:]]and i hope god is doing well in your life..he is through mine..and helping me with my struggles..and i learned that from you!always be positive and thankful…even when your down..I LOVE YOU MOMMY!and i love hannah,matthew(a great father figure in my life) and elisabeth!HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY

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