Our Ultrasound Today!

We had our ultrasound today and the baby is doing just fine. The image is not our baby but of a 10 week old fetus. I’m right on target for the due date of November 2nd. We got to see the baby’s form really well and even got to see him or her kicking and swinging the arms. It is just so wonderful and I love how excited my husband is with each new baby. He even had trouble sleeping last night because he was so excited.

I wish I had a scanner so I could share some of the pictures we have of this little one. I still can’t believe we have our 3rd on the way so soon. We knew the Lord wanted us to have a large family as He put this on our hearts almost 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Elisabeth. I was reading a book from John R. Rice a pastor from the 1930’s or so. The book is about courtship, marriage and children. I read the chapter on birth control and all my years of all the lies of the world I’ve been told were replaced by the wonderful Truth of our Lord. All the blessings of having a large family, how unselfish the children become as they have no choice but to share and so many things were opened up to me on this chapter. We believed at the time the Lord wanted us to have 5 children. Now we are thinking He was just trying to prepare us as He may have us have more.

We will be homeschooling. Matthew is gifted in the areas of math and history, while I am gifted in English, reading and writing. Our children have the best of both worlds here. We’ll take them out on frequent outings to explore the rich culture of our roots in this country while traveling to National parks in the South where remnants and artifacts of wars remain. We plan on buying a home in Tennessee and having it paid off or nearly paid off. Sixty or so acres would be wonderful. We’re raising beef right now, chickens and now my husband is starting to raise bees. I just can’t wait to move to really be able to walk in the vision the Lord has put before us. We are blessed to have a vision of where we are going. Now it’s just waiting on the Lord to fulfill what He has showed us.

Our third child means a lot to us because we are starting to see the fulfilling of one of the Lord’s promises to us – to have a large family. My body is tired, I still haven’t lost all of my pregnancy weight from the last time, my age (38 this Friday) is starting to catch up to me in my knee, my foot and my back and slower pace in life. But, I love it! I can’t wait for the gray hairs. I’m enjoying coming into middle age… wearing comfortable shoes instead of what’s in style, wearing no makeup but some lotion on my face and a tan from being outdoors – I can kiss my kids and not have to worry about getting makeup all over them. I quit dieting finally a few months ago and only put on 3 lbs of pregnancy weight. Exercise is not doing the eliptical or treadmill anymore. I like doing chores around my yard or home to keep healthy and going for a nice walk. Baking a cake or my husband a beautiful apple pie or homemade pizza. It’s time to relax and enjoy life for once. I thank God for the changes He’s done in me over the years. I thank God I have a husband who knows me and sees me for who I am and I him. The Christian walk is not easy. It is joyful but not easy. And there’s always hope for tomorrow.

Okay, now I am going to have to download some pictures to post in the next day or two. Kids, chickens, the bee hive and more. First, I have to get some of the other pictures up first!

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