Christmas was a nice, simple day but I think it actually started many days earlier as our friend Lynn came over with her 9 children to sing Christmas carols (picture). They sounded so beautiful when they opened their mouths to sing that I had to hold back the tears. I would have pictured them all wearing white robes or something it sounded so holy. Anyways, this lady is amazing as she homeschooled all her children and they go to nursing homes every other Sunday to visit and sing hymns. God really put this lady in my life and I hope to get to know her more.
Several days before Christmas the packages started arriving from friends and relatives. We received some good coffee and food items and the girls received tons of gifts. I should have taken more pictures and plan on taking some more as the girls received a table from their grandmother (it is beautiful) and Elisabeth received a talking bear that she just loves. I will include these on this post soon so you’ll have to check back on this one for more pictures.
A couple of days before Christmas we had a friend over with her granddaughter to spend the night. We sang some Christmas hymns that evening together. We didn’t sound like my friend with her 9 children but I’m sure the Lord was pleased and it meant much more to me than just listening to a cd.
On Christmas we started off by having homemade coffeecake, thick cut bacon and a couple of fried eggs for breakfast. We had a relaxing day and watched Elisabeth play with her toys she received and just spent time together. For dinner I made our best meal yet – Beef Wellington. I made it with the tenderloin cut of beef and had Matthew sear it for 5 minutes then cool to room temperature. I then sauteed chopped mushrooms and shallots and a smidge of bacon from breakfast. I topped the tenderloin with a huge heaping of this then put the pastry over and placed in the oven for 15 minutes. We could almost cut it with a fork and the flavor….. We can’t wait to have it again next year.

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