Truly a Storm We Won’t Forget

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Thank God it’s over! Many have heard of our great storm. Matthew’s mother whom receives the New York Times read about it even from there. We lost our lights sometime on Sunday I believe and were out for nearly a week. I remember laying in bed the first night of the storm and actually feeling our house move pretty good with some of the gusts. I could tell the gusts were nearly 100 mph as they were just as powerful as some of the gusts we had here a couple of years ago in which they were 100 mph.
The next day: Our electricity was out so we did not have running water either as we are on well water. Since we couldn’t flush our toilets we would place a container under the gutter and let it fill with the semi-clean, semi-dirty gutter water. I’d then bring it in once a day and pour it in our toilets as this would make it flush. On my way out to get some gutter water I stood in the doorway of the garage while one of major gusts was building up it’s momentum. I knew it wasn’t safe to retrieve the water then so I just stood and watched. I saw debris flying by faster than any car I’ve seen speeding on the State Route road down below. I was actually scared while watching the power of the wind, yet I was awestruck at the ferosity of the storm so I just had to sit and watch. I knew that if I stepped out of the doorway that I could be struck by a flying branch or other item and be killed. I’ve never seen wind of such magnitude before.
After coming inside we checked the phone number for PUD. The message was that we would be out for a long time as there was major, major damage. I was guessing a minimum of 10 days. We knew then that we would need to get a generator, but this was on everybody elses mind too.
Day three: We found that our major highway was closed to get to Olympia and having only 1/4 tank of gas in the car made it even riskier but we had to get out to get water as well. So, off we went. We followed the alternative route and listened to the devastation on the news. I got scared as I just couldn’t comprehend the damage everywhere else – even I-5. We got to Montesano and the lineup at the gas station was atrocious. We decided to try to get to Elma. We waited for 1 1/2 hours for gas as this was one of the few gas stations opened in Grays Harbor. We got a generator in Lakewood near Tacoma and it just happened to be the last one. A hot shower felt good at our friend’s home as well as cleaning some laundry. We didn’t know that this would be our last shower for a while!
The next several days were a work! I washed baby bibs and cloths on the stove every day as you can see by the picture. I’d cook some yummy dinners on the wood stove though – steak, brocolli and more. We weren’t lacking here. Only our yams that we wrapped in foil and placed in the fireplace burned down to about the weight of a feather. We threw them out to our dog. Dinner dishes – we used paper plates and paper bowls. I’d then warm a huge pot of water on the woodstove each evening and clean up the whole kitchen cleaner than when I think we have electricity.
Water – I bought over 12 gallons of water on our day out to get the generator. We went through this quick so I contacted the fire department and they referred me over to the City of Aberdeen Water Department. I could fill up our containers for free. Our neighbor behind us has a natural spring or artesian well water he gave us (5 gallons), he shared that it would be the best water we ever did have. He was absolutely right!
Our generator was so wonderful to have. To have the freezers and refridgerators going full speed as to not lose our beef was so worth it. To have a lamp on or a heater to warm up Elisabeth’s room was secondary but so appreciated. Having a bowl of water and disinfectant in the bathroom and the kitchen sink, those things you just don’t think of having to do when you have running water. I never so much appreciated running water as I have. Electricity is one thing but for me it was the running water that was the greatest need for running the home. I hope to have a hand pump for our water one day.
So, we’re all up and running now. The storm is already quickly being forgotten, but I know I won’t forget it yet either.

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