Peanut Head

Every child should have a little nickname. Matthew came up with Peanut Head for little Hannah – you really can’t tell from pictures but she has a peculiar shaped head, kind of like a peanut! It’s kind of cute though, she has her own look (you know how it is, every mom thinks her children are the prettiest – Peanut Head and all) and she has her own different personality to go with it. She has a very soft way about her, a very soft, quiet voice, she doesn’t get all excited about loud or busy toys but she just loves to be held and talked to quietly. She sleeps from 10:00 at night til about 7:30 or 8:00 most mornings. She’s such a pleasant baby. I just love having another baby to hold again. I can’t wait to post more pictures of her as she’s changed since these were taken a few weeks ago.

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