The Wedding

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Right after our first kiss together. It was so very important to us to stay pure before marriage. We did it with  the Lord’s help and prayer before seeing one another and knowing when to part.  DSC_0025

I was so happy…. though I’m happier today.


October 1st 2005


October 1st was our ten year anniversary. I have some very special pictures and memories to share. Since we were already married and had had Elisabeth when I started this blog, we were never able to share our earlier days together before marriage or the wedding pictures.

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2005 – The Summer Before MarriageFH000005FH000004

What a carefree and easy life…. Youngens we still were.   : )

We were looking to buy a home in the beautiful town of Raymond, Washington. We were soon to be married and wanted to have a look around. We found an old 100+ year old home with over 150 acres…. Matthew thinks it was more like 250…. I don’t remember. Anyways, he packed us a picnic lunch so after we were done looking at the home, we could wander up into the hills and have our picnic with view and all. What a surprise it was to me. He was always full of surprises. He had a very romantic spirit about him. We had so much fun during our courtship together. Here’s some pictures from our picnic. FH000013

What a happy looking man.



We never bought the home because the home was delapitated and the Lord told me that “Less is More” (acreage).


Outside of his home before marriage. He sold this old dog of a 1978 home for a good amount of money because it was on valuable land in Steilacoom. We were able to put a down payment of over $100,000 on our farm home in Westport soon after marriage. We both wish now that we had bought a home almost cashed out with that money.


We had such a fun time together. We wrote and talked to each other every day. He bought his first cell phone just so we could have free minutes between us. We used over 1600 minutes one month. We courted off and on for over 2 years but our last 6 month were the most memorable. We saw each other every single day even though we were 1+ hours away from each other. How did we meet? We were in homeless ministry together.

Now be patient with me while I continue to work on a brief life of ours together this month. I don’t quite yet know how many parts this may be or how quickly it will be done.  Anyhow, it will be fun to reflect upon our time and love of our life together.

Benjamin – Update

Update October 1st:  11lbs, 3 ounces. Yeah!

Just a quick update. He’s up from 8lbs 6ounces last Friday to 9lbs 8ounces this Friday and a quarter inch gained in length. Praise God! I am using an electric pump on occasion and I think it’s helping… I just got 3 ounces after I took a nap and he nursed 2 hours ago. He does get a little anxious about the letdown not coming for about 30 seconds as he’s used to instant milk but he still happily nurses. He is gaining though and on his way. He looks like a different baby in just a week!   : )

Benjamin 2 Months Old


Our little Benjamin is 2 month old. We found when my mother was here that he wasn’t gaining weight well and I was feeding him every 1 1/2 to 2 hours from one feeding to the next and I fed him nearly an hour each feed. I had very little time aside from nursing him. Finally, I tried supplementing a few ounces of formula a day after a couple of feedings. After a couple weeks of seeing him gain and lose, I finally took him in. He was only 8lbs 6 ounces… only a 1 pound gain since birth. He’s in the 2 percentile for weight.  : (  I feel terrible! All of our babies have been in the 90-95 percentile for weight. Funny, he never cried or complained of hunger. He just slept a lot but was active and alert when he was awake. Anyways, since the appointment last week, I’ve been getting up an extra time at night now (now I’m extra tired) and feeding him 4 ounces of formula after I nurse him. I’m taking Fenugreek and Mother’s Milk tea which seems to help.

I figured out his problem with gaining after reading some information from Kelly Mom. He would feed actively for a few minutes and then just comfort nurse the rest of the time. If you’ve ever breast fed, you know what I mean. Since the milk isn’t being drained, the body isn’t urgent to replace it so I have low milk. Maybe I’m just getting older too. So while I’d love to exclusively breastfeed, I cannot right now until he shows that he’s a vigorous eater (while nursing) and gains weight without being supplemented. Since I have been giving him 4 ounces after nursing him, his diapers are noticably full. Very full like a balloon. They have never been like that before. He went in for a check on a different scale 3 days later and it said he was 9lbs 6 ounces. A pound in 3 days? We are now able to use a baby scale at home that we are borrowing and we tested it out with his clothes on and it said he’s 10 pounds. So, I’ll be curious what he weighs tomorrow on the scale that originally showed 8lbs 6 ounces just a week ago on Friday.


Little cutie… His eyes are still crusted up in the morning so I’ve been prescribed some eye ointment to use. You can see it in his pictures. It’s helped but I don’t know how much. If it doesn’t improve, he’ll have to go in at 6 months for them to do a procedure to help open up the membrane (towards the nose) so that his eyes drain properly.


Finally gaining weight… DSC_0117

Looking at one of the friends that the kids brought over for him to see.   : ) DSC_0115

Well, hello there… DSC_0110 DSC_0098

Now that I’m having to supplement, he needs a bib. He spits up and loses quite a bit. I am borrowing an electric breast pump now too to try to increase my supply so I can hopefully have him back to just me in a month or so. DSC_0096

It’s funny, he’s just about to the size at 2 months that his brother was at birth. You’re just a little guy… You can stay little for Mommy forever.   ; )