Just a Few More

I just wanted to add a few more pictures and now I’m caught up until I have to download whatever is on my camera. I’m in a silly mood today, I don’t know why.  : ) DSC_0002The kids sliding down the hill in the slippery snowsuits. I can’t let them use the sled in too many places (they can go into the lake or run into the truck, etc…), so they played on this hill a lot this Winter.  : ) DSC_0009Daddy with Benjamin. I bought Daddy a new vest a couple months ago for only $17 on Amazon. He loves it and I am so glad. I love the way he looks in a vest, he looks like a man!  ; )  By the way, Matthew is so in love with Benjamin. I think he is just savoring that he could be our last. DSC_0025Little cutie pie and Mommy. I bounce him around a little so lately I’ve been calling him Mr. Bounce.  : )


I took these pictures about a month ago at 6 months so I suppose it’s time to post them. It’s funny how different the pictures of him turned out being that I took them the same day but in different locations. He just looks different in the last few. Benjamin is still not bearing any new teeth yet but that’s okay, I want him to stay a baby for a while.  : ) He is over 20 lbs now and starting to get a little cranky at times. We usually don’t see this until 8 months old but every baby is different. I’m sad to see the newborn stage go as I may never see this again with any of our own children but I delight in his smiles, laughter and love. He brings much joy to our home. We all love him dearly.

DSC_0164Pretty blue eyes… DSC_0163Beautiful white skin like your sister Leah’s. DSC_0155DSC_0151Still a quiet one. DSC_0142DSC_0135Getting kind of big! DSC_0113Daddy thinks you look like your uncle Mark in these pictures… some of the Italian in you coming out! DSC_0108DSC_0106DSC_0098Now we’ll have to catch everyone up on how big you are now.


We are praising the Lord as He has enabled us to pay off our first debt we incurred from moving here from Iowa. Since November 2015, we paid off $5490.00. Our Citi card is ZERO. We are so thankful to the Lord, we just had to share. Next month (March), we are taking a break to buy some much needed things and then we will go forth to finish the last debt that is just a little more than the first.

Just so everyone is clear…. our debts were not from spending frivolously or with evil intent. Both of our credit scores are over 740. We took a loss on our home in Iowa from moving back to Washington and everything went downhill from there. Our move here was supposed to be only $1700 with ABF Freight, cost over $9000 because ABF would not come to our doorstep as we were out of their range. They had to transfer all of our belongings onto a Wheaton truck so Wheaton could deliver here. The air conditioner going out when we moved in, the pipes freezing and breaking in the garage, over $3000 in truck and car repairs and so, so much more that we endured month after month while the Lord was chastening us. We could not pay a dime but with each emergency each month we had to go down to our last dollar or put it on the card. Now that His hand is lifted from us in the manner, we are able to pay our debts and our burden actually feels light. We’ve never had a Winter go by as quick as this one has. This is so much easier than when His hand was upon us for almost 3 years, month after month so we could learn from our folly of moving here. He is helping us, He is guiding us and He is loving and kind.


I just wanted to share a little about our winter here. The snow is deep now and we can barely get up the hill of the driveway. I shared with Matthew that we might need to put the chains on so we can get up the hill. He thought that was a good idea so he’s doing that now.

DSC_0120Just a beautiful picture of the lake in it’s winter glory.DSC_0126  DSC_0002The kids sliding down our hill. They do this about once a day. DSC_0072Here the kids are roasting marshmallows. We are doing this once a week now with the graham crackers. I will buy some chocolate soon to make them a little better. DSC_0085Don’t mind our pictures, they aren’t turning out the best with the flash on at night. Here’s Elisabeth roasting hers…   : ) DSC_0081 DSC_0048DSC_0059See how deep the snow got? Yikes!  DSC_0020Ice covered and snow covered lake…DSC_0013Here’s the beginning of the freeze several weeks ago or so. DSC_0003The icicles. They are longer than they appear… 4+ feet. DSC_0024Elisabeth making bread for the first time. She did a good job. DSC_0023It turned out wonderful. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the final product.

Being Silly and Having Fun

Last month I found a silly sounding Christmas song that is in a foreign language. The kids loved hearing it and started dancing away. I had to get a video of them. I wasn’t planning on putting this out there publicly but it was kind of cute with dad stepping in dancing too.  : )

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/152353648″>DSC_0040</a&gt; from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user36589551″>Hadassah Geraci</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

This is my first time using Vimeo so I don’t use up all the memory on this blog. I hope it works.

No Mortgage


Since buying this home and being chastised by our loving Lord, we yearn to not have a mortgage. There is a home in Kansas that we love that if we were to sell our home soon, this dream could be a reality. The home is on almost 5 acres and it’s only $39,000. It is beautiful though, see for yourself:


We’ve had more hits on the listing of our home since we nearly sold it a couple of months ago. Somebody seems interested. We’re hopeful that this is the Lord’s plan. We’d be far from the VA again but being able to afford better tires, normal maintenance on the vehicles, it would be worth the extra money we would have available to us each month. We want to help others and desire this for our children to see and partake of and if we were to take out a 15 year mortgage, my husband would be 72 years old by the time we paid it off! So, we might not be able to have a dairy cow… is it worth paying an extra $100,000 more so we can have a cow? We would of course have inspections done on the home, put up new wallpaper, etc… You may be wondering why the home is so cheap, it’s because of the location. Just as this home was so cheap for what we got, location. We have grown to love the down to earth, transparency of people who live far away from the big cities though so we would actually prefer it. What’s interesting is that before moving back to Washington, we looked at a home in Phillipsburg, Kansas not too far from this home just 3 years ago. Anyways, pray that we can move soon. Still waiting almost 3 years now…